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Women’s Group

Healthy Boundaries for Busy Moms Begins Here

Are you noticing…

* You feel exhausted all the time?
* It’s hard to say no and not feel guilty?couples counseling burleson
* Prioritizing is difficult and overwhelming?
* You don’t have time to take care of yourself?

Then you are in the right place!
Starting September 14, 2021, you can be a founding member of the group:

Healthy Boundaries for Busy Moms

How would it feel to…

* Have the confidence and knowledge to set the boundaries you need to create peace in your life
* Be less reactive and have more patience
* Have more hope and joy
* Be in control of your life
* Have a more quality relationship with your spouse
* Be more engaged with your family
* Be more present in your life


We will start by diving into boundaries, what they are and how to set and MAINTAIN them.
Then, we will focus on how to have and maintain boundaries in the following areas of your life: family, money, work/career, feelings, self-care, eating, and enrichment.

There are only 10 spots in this group so everyone has time to share and get the individual focus they need.couples counseling burleson
Think of what you can achieve in 8 short weeks: STRENGTH, CONFIDENCE, BALANCE.


FAQ about Healthy Boundaries for Busy Moms

Reasons why you are starting this group:
I am so excited to start this group because I’ve been working with women for more than 10 years and SO many problems my clients come to therapy for (anxiety, relationship problems, burn out, depression) are actually about issues with boundaries. A group is so powerful because other group members will bring things to your awareness that may really surprise you and offer different perspectives that can help you make lasting changes. I have done a lot of boundary work myself and am also a (mostly) recovered people pleaser so I get it! So ready to get started on this journey with you.

When and where does the group meet?
It will meet once a week on Tuesday mornings at 10:00 (CST) in my therapy office in Burleson for 8 weeks.

What we will do in group?
You will get lasting skills and a new set of tools to achieve a life in balance through education and handouts from me to apply to your life. You will also get support, feedback, and encouragement from the group and from me.

How much does it cost?
Each group is $40 per session per person.
Early bird special available: Two payments of $140. $140 due now and $140 before the first group on September, 14th. That is a saving of $40!
Early bird special ends Septemer 1.
Regular price: 2 payments of $160. The first payment reserves your spot and the other one is due before the first group on September 14th.

Are refunds available?
Due to the nature of the planning of the group and the limited space in the group, no there are no refunds.

Think of where you can be in 8 weeks. You can be where you are today, stressed, depleted, and struggling, OR you can be STRONG, CONFIDENT, and BALANCED.

Don’t wait!


Women’s Group March 12, 2016