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How Your Therapist Can Help You Adjust to Big Life Changes

counselor in burlesonAre you having trouble dealing with a recent life change? If so, talk therapy can help you adjust and decide where to go from here. As your therapist in Burleson, I know one of the common misconceptions related to mental health is the idea that therapy and counseling are only for people with serious mental health problems. But you know what? That’s just not true. In fact, a common diagnosis of people seeking treatment is what is known as an “adjustment disorder.”

Yes, Counseling Can Help You, Too

An adjustment disorder is exactly what it sounds like — it’s a time in your life when you are having a difficult time adjusting to something that causes you stress, anxiety or depression. And the good news is that an adjustment disorder is not a lifelong diagnosis. Once the stressor is resolved, you don’t need further treatment.

Common stressors that lead to difficulty adjusting include:

  • A breakup or divorce
  • Job loss
  • Sickness
  • Family issues
  • Financial problems

And adjustment disorder doesn’t just come with the more difficult life changes. You could also have difficulty adjusting to positive events, such as a new marriage or birth of a child. When it’s a big life change — bad or good — that has you wondering where to go from here, you’re probably experiencing difficulty adjusting.

How Therapy Can Help You Adjust

When you seek therapy to help you through your adjustment phase, you’ll probably find one thing for sure — talking about it helps. Your therapist can help you to process the complicated and confusing feelings you may be having, and also to create a plan of action if needed (usually the case for reacting to an illness or financial problems). Your therapist can also provide objective feedback and suggestions on coping skills so that you can move toward acceptance of the adjustment. Perhaps most importantly, your therapist will offer you the opportunity to process and talk about your feelings in a safe, nonjudgmental environment.

It is important to remember that it is normal to feel negative emotions when faced with a difficult challenge or situation. It does not mean that you are “broken” or “sick”. If you are willing to explore your feelings in therapy, you give yourself the chance to feel better faster and deal with the adjustment in a healthy way.

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