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Individual Counseling in Burleson TX

Individual Counseling in Burleson

individual counseling in burleson
Individual counseling in Burleson TX is one-on-one talk therapy. Also called psychotherapy or just “therapy,” individual counseling can help anyone who is motivated for positive change. It’s a safe space for you and your therapist to explore your thoughts and feelings to help you experience positive growth.

Who Can Benefit from Talk Therapy?

Many individuals who seek counseling don’t have serious mental health problems, and they’re not in crisis. They’re men and women who mostly live happy, productive lives, but have been faced with an event or challenging situation and want some help to deal with the change in a positive and effective way.

How Counseling Can Help You

Think you could benefit from counseling in south Fort Worth? Chances are good you’re right. Talk therapy helps people who find themselves feeling…

  • Periods of sadness throughout the day and night
  • Increasingly anxious
  • Bored in situations you used to enjoy
  • Easily irritated or generally irritable

How Talk Therapy Works

When you come in for your first individual counseling session, we’ll first work together to help you set goals for counseling. Your goal may be specific, like wanting to get through a breakup. Or it could be as simple as just wanting to feel better. I help define your goal and build a treatment plan for achieving it.

Individual counseling works because it provides a safe place to say anything you need to say without fear of judgment. That’s something we just don’t get in our daily lives. Your therapist is someone who will listen to you and provide objective feedback. Together, we get you moving forward in a healthy way.

A Modern Approach to Individual Counseling

Individual counseling has changed since the early days. The therapist is no longer considered the all-knowing expert, there to tell you what to do. After all, you’re the expert in your own life. That’s why my role is focused more on listening, motivating, guiding and supporting you throughout the process.
One critical aspect of counseling is helping you gain the skills you need to cope with whatever obstacles life presents. These “coping skills” are essential to problem solving and life satisfaction. I can help you uncover yours.

When You Need Long-Term Counseling

Individual counseling is also highly effective for those with long-term needs. Examples are someone with a serious mental illness, or someone who is ready to tackle a major personal goal, like healing from child abuse. In these instances, each session is a chance to talk, get feedback, evaluate progress, and stay on track.

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There is no “typical” client of individual counseling, and I never use a one-size-fits-all approach. If you think you could benefit from counseling but are not sure, please contact me to schedule a consultation. My counseling practice is located in Burleson, TX and I warmly welcome clients from Fort Worth, Cleburne, Joshua and all surrounding areas.
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Individual Counseling in Burleson TX March 12, 2016