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Are You In the Right Career? Should You Consider a Job Change?

burleson therapist provides career adviceAre you wondering whether or not it’s time for a career change? Maybe you don’t feel challenged anymore, or perhaps the work you once found fascinating just isn’t all that rewarding as you get older. The good news is that you aren’t alone — many people begin to feel like switching jobs by the time they’ve been in their field for several years. Talking to your Burleson therapist can help you think your way through any big life decision. But first, ask yourself these important questions. 

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5 Ways You Can Deal With Social Anxiety

social anxietyIf the idea of a “meet and greet” makes you cringe, if you frequently avoid social events due to fear, or if you feel a rush of panic when you walk into a crowded room, you may be dealing with social anxiety. Don’t worry — it’s actually a very common condition. Lots of people have social anxiety from time to time, and there are some things you can do to remain calm during your next happy hour, networking lunch, or social event. Keep reading for the top five ways to get past social anxiety!

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How Your Therapist Can Help You Adjust to Big Life Changes

counselor in burlesonAre you having trouble dealing with a recent life change? If so, talk therapy can help you adjust and decide where to go from here. As your therapist in Burleson, I know one of the common misconceptions related to mental health is the idea that therapy and counseling are only for people with serious mental health problems. But you know what? That’s just not true. In fact, a common diagnosis of people seeking treatment is what is known as an “adjustment disorder.”

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Why Try Couples Counseling in Burleson

couples counseling in burleson

Often when partners begin couples counseling in Burleson, they’ve got questions. Did we wait too long? Where will we begin? And, most often… is this going to work at all? The simple answer is that couples counseling will help if both partners are willing to work hard in the session and throughout the rest of the week, too. It can seem like a tall order to rebuild trust, let go of anger and resentment, and learn to enjoy being together again — especially in addition to all the other daily routines and responsibilities. But guess what? Putting in this effort is vital for getting the positive results you and your partner want.

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Binge Eating Disorder: What Is It? Why Counseling?

eating disorder counseling burleson txIndulge, treat yourself, pig out… they’re all socially acceptable phrases we use when we want to order dessert after a big meal, have another glass of wine or eat a second helping of something we know we shouldn’t. It’s ok to an extent, but what about when this behavior becomes a habit? Then it’s something we call binge eating — keep reading to learn more, and why you or a loved one shouldn’t wait to find a qualified therapist for binge eating disorder counseling in Burleson, TX.
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