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Therapy for Anxiety or Depression in Burleson TX

Therapy for Anxiety & Depression in Burleson, TX

anxiety or depression therapy burleson
Depression can cause you to dread activities you used to love; anxiety may leave you feeling restless, overwhelmed or unsure how to handle life. Both conditions are increasingly common these days, but stress and anxiety can be managed with effective talk therapy. Most clients begin to move past depression or anxiety with counseling in Burleson, TX.

Do You Have Anxiety or Depression?

You may be feeling depressed or anxious and want to learn to cope without taking medication. Or perhaps you are taking medication and find that you still have symptoms. Therapy can help. Additionally, you could be experiencing a major life change or challenge that has left you feeling depressed or anxious, or both — that’s not at all unusual. Whatever it is you’re experiencing, counseling can provide the outlet you need.

How to Recognize Anxiety or Depression

Sometimes it’s difficult to recognize whether what you’re feeling really signals depression or anxiety. Educate yourself on the symptoms of these conditions, and find the healing you need sooner.
Symptoms of depression include:

  • Feeling sad or depressed most of the day, most days
  • Loss of interest or pleasure in activities you used to enjoy
  • Change in sleep (not getting enough sleep, sleeping too much)
  • Loss of energy or frequent fatigue
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Significant weight change
  • Feeling excessively guilty or worthless
  • Thoughts of suicide

Symptoms of anxiety include:

    • Worrying about multiple things most of the day
    • Frequent feelings of restlessness
    • Irritability
    • Difficulty concentrating
    • Tiring easily or frequent fatigue
    • Increased muscle aches or soreness

How Counseling Can Help Burleson Anxiety or Depression

Too often, people struggling with anxiety or depression avoid talking about their problems with others. Those who do choose to talk about their feelings may be met with resistance. Fortunately for these sufferers, counseling offers a safe, non-judgmental environment. Together, we can explore your thoughts and feelings.
A good therapist offers unbiased feedback and suggestions, points out errors in your thinking patterns and processes that keep depression and anxiety active, and teach coping skills.
I will conduct a thorough assessment in the first session, and we can discuss your symptoms and decide if outpatient counseling is right for you. No matter what, you can feel confident knowing all of the treatment I provide is specific to you, your needs and what you want to gain from counseling. I will create an individualized treatment plan that will guide your treatment and our sessions to meet those goals.

Coping Skills for Anxiety and Depression

Good coping skills start with taking care of your body. You don’t need to change everything you are doing and you don’t need to be perfect. Just think of one way that you can take care of yourself right now and start doing it. Would you like to plan a healthy breakfast to start your day off right? Would you enjoy committing to reading for 30 minutes at night instead of scrolling social media? What if you made an effort to drink more water? These things add up and make a big difference.
What about in the moment when you feel a lot of anxiety and stress? Have you tried mindfulness? One of the best mindfulness coping skills is called The Five Senses. Try in! Right now, what are five things you can see? What are four things you can touch? What are three things you can hear? Two things you can smell? One thing you can taste? You can see how it slows down racing thoughts and reduces anxiety.
The wonderful thing about coping skills is some of the best ones are simply things you enjoy. Hobbies make excellent coping skills. Other ideas: journaling, art, getting outside, talking to someone, therapy, and exercise.

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Therapy for Anxiety or Depression in Burleson TX March 12, 2016